Yes, we use covers for Sofas, TV’s, pictures, mattresses and bannisters. Also on the vehicles, we have hundreds of transit blankets for protection.
No. We take care of most things, but that’s something you’ll have to sort out yourself before moving day.
Firstly only tip if you have had a good service. If you have, then the removal team would really appreciate it and small gesture is always welcome.
We suggest any pets travel with you as it’s quite an unsettling time for them and they may behave erratically. They need to be with their family. We can, of course, move pets such as hamsters in cages but wouldn’t like to take responsibility for looking after a family dog for example on a motorway in a very large vehicle!
We are fully insured both for breakages of your belongings and public liability.
Generally, our staff start work between six and eight o’clock in the morning. We aim to be at your address between 8:30 am and 9:00 am in the morning. If you are moving long distance we will liaise with you and give you an estimated time of arrival. Sometimes, for many reasons we can be delayed, however, we will always arrive.
As long as there are no heavy or breakable items left in drawers then it is usually ok to leave them full.
Unless this was agreed in the quote, all items needing dismantled are expected to be done and ready to move before the we arrive. If agreed in the quote, our staff will carry out the dismantling and reassembly as agreed.
Yes of course. Providing that there is room in the van.
The best option is to start running your freezer down on the lead up to your removal, if moving locally (a one day removal) the remaining items can remain in the freezer. If moving a longer distance we recommend you empty the freezer completely.

Speedy Removals  located in Doncaster; one of the major cities of South Yorkshire. We are a one-stop solution to all your moving problems.

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